Top 10 Benefits of Having Offshore Employees for Your Business

These days, companies outsource the processes of their business functions to external vendors to manage costs and to get better work quality. Any business process that can be completed from an offshore location can be outsourced. Some examples of business processes that can be outsourced are call center services, transaction processing, transcription services, marketing, software development, and creative designing, etc.

Managing offshore operations has improved over the years, and the ‘Agile Model has replaced traditional outsourcing.’ This ensures that even overseas employees participate as equals while offering fresh perspectives and unique ways to solve problems and eventually generating more profit for the business.

Here are the top ten benefits of having the agile work process for offshore employees.

  1. Business growth

    The most important benefit of having your company’s business processes outsourced to an offshore team is that it will make your business more capable and efficient in handling the work. Also, it allows you to expand your business services. Besides, if you have an offshore team, you can take in more work, which will directly result in more profit for the company.

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  2. Reduced costs

    Another advantage of offshore labor is lower operation costs. Hiring overseas employees can considerably reduce costs in equipment, utilities, infrastructures, and employee salaries. According to the Economist, setting up an offshore team helps companies to save over 30% of the overall costs involved. Moreover, the money saved through offshoring can be used for other more critical investments and expenses.

  3. Access to skilled resources

    When working with offshore employees, your company doesn’t need to invest in recruiting and training costly resources for your business. Providers will take care of this with their group of highly skilled resources. The resources hired by the providers will be well educated in the respective areas. Also, they will be well experienced in handling the processes.

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  4. Time zone advantage

    Apart from the cost advantage, the other benefit is the time zone differential between the location you are outsourcing to and your country. This time difference helps you to get your job done while you are sleeping and wake up the next morning to your service being delivered. It gives you the unique advantage of a workforce that is ready for 24-hours business operations.

    Agile principle of management talks about service delivery at a higher frequency, and we can use the same tactics for time-zone advantage. For example, if we outsource the execution part to someone located at a different time zone, we will have our task done the next day, which would otherwise take another day to complete. IT companies, BPOs, and Software development firms frequently outsource their work to offshore partners.

  5. Control from miles away

    Keep in mind that offshoring doesn’t mean giving up control or sacrificing the quality of your output. You are still in charge of these employees’ training and development and can provide direction to them even though you are miles away physically. With the advancement in communication technology, you can easily ensure that all your employees, both in-house and offshore, are aligned and working towards the same goals.

    The accountability of performance is a big agile management factor. The people or the teams outsourcing their work can use SaaS platforms for communicating and managing with outsourcing partners. All the communication will then stay transparent to everyone, and you can also customize your software platform for three-level ratings on different factors. For instance, team leaders can rate for skills, managers for attitude and clients can rate for quality. This will help you in effectively communicating with your offshore employees and get the desired results.

  6. Greater marketing opportunity

    Offshore teams in different countries enable you to reach out to more clients. You get the chance to increase awareness about your business in different countries and hence, establish your company as a global brand. This further helps you in getting the attention of more potential clients.

  7. Global competitive edge

    Outsourcing your work also gets you to access a vast pool of highly educated and skilled people. Bringing in such expertise and ideas from people around the globe gives your company a competitive edge globally. Moreover, these employees can provide unique ways and fresh perspectives to solve problems.

  8. Availability in different locations

    When you set up your business in various locations around the world, you create a workforce that can operate 24/7. This ensures that your business ideas get converted much faster, and it adds to your value-added proposition. While also assuring better support to your clients whenever they might need it.

  9. Wider access to resources

    Apart from getting an opportunity to join hands with professionals who possess hard-to-find skills and are highly competitive, offshoring also permits you to access unavailable resources in your area. From technology to supplies, resources that are difficult to acquire locally will surely be available in some other place around the globe.

  10. Opportunity to focus on complex tasks

    With offshore employees, most mundane administrative tasks such as payroll accounting, record keeping, and other tedious and time-consuming business processes such as management and recruitment can be eliminated from the responsibilities of your in-house staff. This will help them to focus on more complex projects and tasks. Doing so will also increase your in-house team’s engagement at work.

The bottom line:

Offshoring not only defines efficient business operations but also helps companies meet a rich pool of skilled workforce. So if you are searching for skilled offshore employees from different parts of the world to be a part of your company, get access to the expertise you need through DigiNekt.

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