How to Ace Your Telephone Interview

Telephone interviews are a common practice in trend, and companies use it to screen many candidates in a quick and cost-effective manner. Many organizations take telephone interviews to short-list candidates before calling them for face to face interview. There might not be direct contact between you and the interviewer, but they look for a calm, confident, and intelligent set of responses from a candidate.

So if you have a telephone interview ahead then the following tips will help you excel in your discussion:

Be Serious

All job interviews are intended to land you to a desirable job. Take telephone interviews as serious as face to face interviews. It is only the method that might be different, but the approach is the same, and it intends to eliminate the weaker candidates.

Preparation is the Key to Success

When you prepare, you are confident. Make sure to do your research. You can review the company’s history by studying its website, social media, and online materials. Screening their press releases and announcements gives you a brief picture of the company’s organizational structure.

LinkedIn is a great site to research the company and its employees.

Set a Quiet Place

Arrange a quiet and private place to avoid any disturbance during the telephonic interview. Your interviewer hears you clear, and you also get a better chance to answer them without any intervention. Also, prefer sitting at a table or desk so that you can take notes during the call or can read from the notes that you have prepared.

Let Interviewer Hear Your Smile

Yes, you read it correctly. According to a study, most people can identify your smile by the tone of your voice. Make a friendly tone to reflect your smile to your interviewer. Also, it would help if you sound optimistic and eager to learn about the job details.

Stop Mumbling & Speak Clearly

There should be no mumbling. Make sure to speak clearly so that the interviewer understands your words. A telephone interview may last longer. Your throat may dry due to over speaking, so keep a glass of water to relieve you quickly.


The interviewer may take the usual approach and exchange common interview questions like about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, educational qualification, and reason to quit your current job. You should prepare points for commonly asked interview questions and practice speaking them flawlessly.

Keep Your Cheat Sheet Ready

Searching for information during the telephone interview makes you sound distracted. Therefore, prepare a cheat sheet, which you can refer to. Your interviewer may ask questions to see how much you know about the company, and your common sense. Gather information about the company, position requirements, and also about the posting location.

Take Notes

Bring a pen and paper handy for taking important notes that may come up during a telephone interview. You might have to note down the name of the important people, projects, departments, dates, and next steps of the hiring process.

Know the Next Step

You should seek the necessary information from the interviewer to showcase your enthusiasm for the role. Ask them about their timeline, the number of rounds of interview they will conduct for the position, when do they expect to have someone in the role, and most valuable when you can expect a follow-up?

Follow Up

It is courteous and considerate. Make sure to send an email or text message thanking the interviewer for their time. Further, if it’s been a few weeks and you didn’t hear back, then a quick call or email to check on the status of the position you were interviewed for is usually appropriate. This shows that you are genuinely interested in working for the company.

Telephone interviews can be comfortable with these tips in hand. So be prepared and perform well in your next telephone interview. Best of luck!

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