How to Kick-start Your Content Marketing Career

Bill Gates, once quoted ‘Content is King’ in one of his essays back in the year 1996 while describing the future of the internet as a marketplace for content. And even today, after more than two decades, this quote is frequently used in the digital marketing industry. Today, quality and engagement driven content have become the epicenter of all online marketing strategies. And hence, there is a lot of scope in the content marketing career.

A Career in Content Marketing

There has been a significant rise in the number of online business websites in the last decade. Whether it is a simple informational website, an e-commerce store, or a social media platform, the demand for quality content increases year-on-year, and so does the need for qualified content writers.

A study report by Conductor published in 2017 showed that 87% of all marketing executives have shifted their focus on content marketing strategies. While another survey by LinkedIn and Curata reported that 75% of business organizations were planning to invest more in content marketing. Out of these, 43% of businesses were planning to invest in increasing staff levels. These analytical data are well-enough to prove that there is a golden career in content marketing, which will expand and outshine in the coming years.

Skills Required for a Career in Content Marketing

  • Research skills
  • Writing skills & perfect grammar
  • Knowledge of SEO
  • Knowledge of social media optimization
  • Project and content management skills
  • Design and creative skills

How to Start a Career in Content Marketing

A career in content marketing is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative careers in the digital marketing space today. Recent research by LinkedIn suggests that job openings for content writers and marketers have outnumbered other popular openings in the same domains. And similarly, their pay scale also outshines many other job profiles.

If you are planning to kickstart your content marketing career, you can consider one of the following ways to begin.

  1. Look for internship opportunities

    To establish yourself as a professional content writer, apply for internship opportunities. Many well-known companies and publishing houses are on a look-out for recent graduates and fresher for assignments.

    Although the pay here is non-existent or very low, it is the experience, connection building, and training that matters. You’ll be able to learn how to work in a professional setup under experience holders who will critique your work, which will ultimately help to enhance your writing skills and secure a diverse content marketing career.

  2. Start your blog

    You know your niche very well, therefore start writing by having your own blog page. It is the same as building your online presence, which is essential for branding yourself as an expert and marketing your content. You can show your writing skills and abilities in your blog posts, to help establish people’s trust in your skills. There are many online blogging platforms which allow you to create your blog within a few minutes. You can always link your blog to social media platforms and share your work with millions of readers on the internet.

  3. Consider freelancing opportunities

    If you want to work from the comfort of your home, freelancing is the best option to consider. Nowadays, there are several online platforms which publish freelance work opportunities. You can consider building your portfolio by picking assignments or recurring blog requirement, where the pay depends on your work quality and dedication to meet deadlines. Sometimes you have to outbid other freelance content writers for low-paying work, but it will definitely help you build a strong portfolio for a career in content marketing.

  4. Start guest blogging

    Guest blogging is a great way to gain exposure, build influential connections, and market your content at the same time. There are several websites that invite writers for guest contributions in the form of blogs and articles. In return, you’ll be getting a byline in the article mentioning your LinkedIn and other social profiles. Through this, you can promote your portfolio as a writer, which will be noticed by top publication houses and websites, and they may contact you if they love your work.

  5. Get certified in content marketing

    A certification in a content marketing career does matter. It is always good to enhance your writing skills by taking up free or paid online courses for a career in content marketing. These courses are generally divided into modules, where every module aims to boost your skillset in content marketing. A certification will add immense credibility to your portfolio, and it will always give you an advantage while applying for a content marketing job. It will also give you an edge over others, which will help you build a successful career in content marketing.

On the final note, apart from paying attention to the points mentioned above, as a content writer you need to be flexible enough to align with your audience needs and current trends to influence the buying decisions of new customers and consequently boost sales and revenue for your organization.

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