Top 10 PPC Trends for 2020 from PPC Experts

Here are the top 10 PPC trends shared by 39 PPC marketing experts that you need to know in this coming year. It covers everything from paid search to remarketing and beyond; that marketers will be expected to explore in 2020.pp

  1. Automation and Machine Learning Will Pick Up More Speed

    Being on the mind of every PPC marketer, automation is expected to be the biggest trend of 2020.

  2. Blurred Lines: PPC & the Bigger Marketing Picture

    Targeting audiences across multiple channels, platforms, and even creating cross-channel plans will play an important role in your campaign.

  3. More & Better Audience Targeting

    Targeting audiences at specific touchpoints will continue to be important. So speak to your audiences the right way at the right time!

  4. Privacy, Tracking, First-Party Data & You

    Protecting people’s privacy will be prime. Marketers need to find new ways to track, along with revisiting elements of how they approach campaigns in a world that’s increasingly data and privacy-conscious.

  5. PPC Strategy Becomes More Valuable

    Managing the strategic elements of the campaigns, such as your audience, targets, and creatives, will be the key. Therefore, experts say that PPC marketers who can strategize will have the most success.

  6. Going Beyond Google & Facebook: Alternative Platforms to Watch

    People spent more time on platforms like Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, in 2019 – and the revenue at those companies is growing. And this trend is not going to get slow even in 2020.

  7. A Focus on Brand Affinity, Awareness & Safety

    Brand preference and building relationships will be critical in 2020. It’s also advised to pay attention to brand safety, as it is incredibly important to ensure that your ads don’t appear to be endorsing extremist content.

  8. More SERP Competition + Search Stagnation = Rising CPCs

    Experts believe that the biggest trend to pay attention to is the lack of search query growth in recent years, which will lead to an increase in SERP competition. And will further impact the continued rise of search CPCs and the potential for increased CPAs.

  9. CRO Is a Must Do

    For the coming year, investing in conversion rate optimization(CRO) is a ‘must-do’ advice.
    The other optimization that experts give emphasis on is customer optimization and optimizing beyond clicks.

  10. The Year of the Technical PPC Marketer!

    Experts believe that 2020 will be the year of the technical marketer. Gaining technical expertise will help you have the ability to manage, optimize, and analyze digital advertising campaigns at scale.

Source: 10 Important PPC Trends to Watch in 2020

Monika Kumari

Monika Kumari is a PPC professional having more than five years of experience in the digital marketing field. She specializes in Google Ads and has also developed expertise in multiple advertising networks that include Google Search, Display, Yahoo Gemini Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads. Currently working as the PPC Manager in GMR Web Team, she guides a team of PPC professionals in adopting smart advertising strategies and driving positive growth for their different nature of businesses. She has a keen understanding of various nuances of online advertising and a proven track record in troubleshooting different types of issues.

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