DigiNekt Interviews Priya Florence Shah: Her Advice on Work from Home

Recently, Sangeeta, our evangelist at DigiNekt interviewed Priya Florence Shah, a digital marketing consultant, author, blogger and a work from home career coach, who guides fresh aspirants about legitimate work from home options and how one can become a true work from home professional while exploring the numerous benefits of ‘being your own master.’ Priya also provides one-on-one coaching to those who are willing to establish themselves as an expert while working from the comfort of their home.

Our discussion was mostly based on the challenges faced by women while working from home especially in the digital marketing industry. During the interview, Priya shared with us her experience and major insights into the different aspects of working from home. She also shared some great tips for women, and how they can explore a lot of opportunities when working from home.

Here are the excerpts from the interview.

Sangeeta: First of all you wear so many hats Priya, so how do you manage it?

Priya Florence Shah: Actually, it is all possible because I’m basically a multi-passionate person. I have lots of passion, and most of them have to do with creating content in one form or the other. Being an author, blogger, podcaster, it is all about creating different forms of content and that’s how I got into digital marketing.

Sangeeta: People usually think that work from home is too easy and don’t take you seriously if you are working from home (especially if you are a woman). What’s your take on this?

Priya Florence Shah: Actually, that’s one of the challenges of working from home. I have also written about it in my course. In my course, there’s one chapter that talks about the advantages of working from home, while the other one talks about the disadvantages, which is a longer one. And yes, one of the points there clearly mentions that people don’t take me seriously. People think that if she is working from home, it means that she is just doing time pass, and not serious about the work.

It is absolutely not true. Although I chose to work from home, I am very serious about my work. Sometimes, I work around 18 hours a day. When you start your business or agency from your home, you have to be serious about your work. Just because you are working from home, it doesn’t mean it is an easy task. you’ll get away without having any skills at all.

Today, lots of women are interested in easy work from home jobs like typing jobs, data entry, clicking jobs and more, but that’s not going to give you any type of incumbent. You are not going to earn from these jobs. Actually, it is much harder than you think; it really is.

Sangeeta: Work from home has many distractions, so how you can discipline yourself and set your work timings, any hints?

Priya Florence Shah: It all depends on your work and schedule. You have to decide the best time for your work. The best time might be when your children have gone to school or maybe when they are sleeping. You need a quiet time to work. Also, if you have a maid or someone to take care of your kids, you may have a little office in your home itself. Just shut the door, get some silence around and ensure that there are no distractions

When I am writing, I really need to focus and I don’t want any distractions around. You have to take out some time for yourself with absolutely no distractions. But it is not the same for everyone.

Sangeeta: You recently wrote a book on work from home. Tell us something about it.

Priya Florence Shah: I have written a couple of books, but what I essentially did was that instead of giving out the book for free or a free PDF, I converted my books into a comprehensive ‘Work From Course.’ Since a lot of women don’t just want information, but need help to know what type of work from home is right for them, depending on the skills they have and the skills they want to develop. Because if you want to deliver something out of the box, you have to constantly develop new skills.

Sangeeta: There are a lot of opportunities to work from home in digital marketing. So tell us what skills someone needs to start a work from home career in digital marketing?

Priya Florence Shah: First, a basic course in digital marketing is required to understand the concepts and jargon of the digital marketing industry. There are so many digital marketing courses that you can do free online; these free and short digital marketing courses will really help you analyze the whole digital marketing spectrum and your career scope and future in the industry. And if you really like it, then you can go for a specialized course after understanding what role they play in the digital marketing industry.

Sangeeta: Is it possible to earn the same amount of money while working from home as compared to a regular job?

Priya Florence Shah: Maybe not! You might have to compromise if you want to be with your kids and work from home. It has nothing to do with your productivity. Research shows that remote workers are more productive than people who work from the office. And if you believe in yourself that you are delivering the best, and you know how to negotiate, you could earn well.

Sangeeta: Are there any genuine job boards you recommend?

Priya Florence Shah: There are a lot of them, I have got a huge list of about 75 plus job boards in my work from home course. I find the Indian job boards like flexiorg.com a legitimate one. If you want a legitimate job, you can go to a job board and understand what type of job it is, and analyze whether it is genuine or a scam. Not all jobs on job boards are legitimate. If they want any upfront money or have any typed contracts to make, don’t fall for them as most of them might be a scam.

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Sangeeta: How you can bootstrap yourself to become a professional, especially when you are a beginner?

Priya Florence Shah: I would suggest one to incorporate a company or agency so that you look more professional. People won’t take you seriously when you work with your name as a freelancer. And when you use the name of an agency or company, people will be willing to give you more work. It won’t cost you a lot, but will make you sound more professional. ‘People invest in those who invest in themselves.’ Besides, it’s not just about creating a company, but also about being a life long learner. You should invest in courses, and keep your skills upgraded. Start taking yourself seriously, learn more about the industry and develop new skills if you want to excel, even if you have to pay for it. Finally and above all show that you are professional.

These are just excerpts from the answers of the video interview. You can watch the full video on our YouTube channel. You can also listen to this interview with Priya Florence Shah on our DigiNekt Podcast.

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