Top 10 Digital Marketing Career Advice from DigiNekt

The digital economy is growing at rocket speed, and that’s a good sign for those seeking a career in digital marketing. As more and more businesses realize the need to market their products or services via the internet, candidates can rest assured that job opportunities for them will remain high in the future.

At DigiNekt, we’ve been helping job providers and job seekers connect with each other to find the right match for themselves. This puts us in a position from where we can throw some light on requirements that employers of digital marketing (agencies and individual companies) look for in a candidate. Through this blog, we’re going to share what we’ve learned to help you achieve success in your digital marketing career.

10 Tips for a Successful Career in Digital Marketing

  1. Become a T-Shaped Marketer
    Rand Fishkin of SparkToro commonly uses the term T-shaped marketer which refers to having a light level of knowledge in a broad array of skills, and deep knowledge and experience in a single or few. With an enormous set of disciplines in digital marketing, such as affiliate, search, social media, email, mobile and display marketing, candidates with skills in more than one of them will always stay ahead of the competition.

  2. Get Up to Speed with Social Media
    Social media is the new place for brands to build relationships with their audiences. As a digital marketer, your employers will be expecting that you have a good understanding of how brands interact with people on social media and how they use these channels to build relationships and make sales. By keeping a watch on how other brands, especially the competitors, are interacting with their target group of audience online and what different PR techniques they are utilizing for brand marketing, you can easily get up to speed with the science of it.

  3. Build Your LinkedIn Profile
    LinkedIn is an online community of professionals where you can connect and learn from experts, stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and news, and also showcase your experience and skills to find the right employers online. Having an up-to-date LinkedIn profile that speaks everything about you – different work titles, professional skills, and your areas of expertise – will show employers that you really know your stuff.

  4. Leverage from Networking
    Networking and collaboration are essential for personal growth in digital marketing. Make sure to surround yourself with talented people both inside and outside of the workplace, who can become your ongoing support network when you encounter problems and can also alert you to unexplored opportunities. Also, attend industry meetups and conferences to nurture quality interactions that can later continue online. Most of these conferences offer in-depth workshops that will help in enhancing your knowledge and skillsets.

  5. Develop Personal Brand Online
    Employers are highly interested in a candidate’s brand management skills. Building your personal brand online will help them learn that you can also successfully build someone else’s brand. Focus on building a community of followers on social media, YouTube, and your blog. Blogging will also show your commitment and skills, and your expertise at handling personal projects to your potential employers.

  6. Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Trends
    As things move very fast in digital marketing, you’ll need to stay up-to-date with all technology and trends related changes in the industry. Twitter is a great source for real-time news and updates while the LinkedIn pulse is one of the best places to stay up-to-date with the industry trends. Staying up-to-date with the latest trends also helps during interviews.

  7. Learn Basic Coding Skills
    You don’t need to learn to code like a pro web developer, but you’ll need to have at least that much of understanding that will allow you to know your way around the admin panel of a blog or website and make minor updates. Learning the basics of web HTML and WordPress will help you work more effectively with tech partners, raise your SEO game, and make a great first impression on employers.

  8. Make Friends with Analytics
    As a digital marketer, you’re going to need to evaluate performance and report on key facts and figures, which means you’ll require to know where to get that information from and the proper way to analyze them. Acquire at least the basic understanding of social media metrics and Google Analytics. An easy way to learn Google Analytics is various YouTube videos and Google Partner’s Academy. Google also provides free certification for its online courses which is an added benefit for perfecting your resume.

  9. Get a Digital Marketing Agency Experience
    It’s always advisable to kickstart your digital marketing career by working in a digital marketing agency. It can be extremely valuable as in agencies you’ll get to handle different clients. That way, you’ll get exposure to all avenues of digital marketing which will eventually enhance your overall digital marketing skillsets. Eventually, you can choose a vertical focus or specialty and move for a desired role in the specific industry.

  10. Become Obsessive
    Contrary to being thought of as a glamorous field, digital marketing is actually technical and data-driven and demands a nerd-like mindset that always seeks for improvements. Although you won’t be required to build a website from scratch, you will be communicating your marketing strategy to help developers incorporate your recommendations. Learning as much technical skills as you can help you stand out from most other candidates with no or less technical background.

Follow these tips to build a successful digital marketing career. Upload your resume on DigiNekt to connect with reputed employers from the industry.

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