Top Digital Marketing Tools to Help You Grow Your Business

For all those who want to be successful in the changing digital landscape today, it is essential to have a sound digital marketing plan in place. An effective digital marketing plan will use search engine optimization to drive traffic, leverage the competence of social media for the target audience, and make the best use of the digital marketing tools and resources out there.

Digital marketing tools really matter because they do not just help you grow your online presence but also help you in devising effective strategies for your digital marketing plan. These tools further support your digital marketing approach in the following ways:

  • Help in competing with the competitors
  • Are cost-effective
  • Assist reaching a wider audience
  • Effective support in building the reputation of the business
  • Can target visitors geographically and boost engagement
  • Measure and track the results for improved ROI

Consider these top digital marketing tools to grow your business in 2019 and zoom past the competition.

  1. SEO Tools to Effectively Boost Your Traffic

    Optimizing a website for higher rankings on search results has now become easy with the SEO tools. These tools are important for any digital marketing strategy, including competitor analysis, keyword research, performance analysis, backlink analysis, and website maintenance. Here are a few SEO tools that can optimize your website traffic:

    • SEMrush – Get access to analytics data and expand your business dreams.
    • Google Analytics – Unique insights to better evaluate your marketing performance.
    • Google Search Console – Optimize and enhance your site on Google search.
    • Ahrefs – Get your SEO basics polished to outrank your competitors.
    • Google PageSpeed Insights – To help your web pages load fast on all devices.
  2. PPC Tools to Help You Optimize Your Campaigns

    You can efficiently increase your ad presence for the target audience and market through PPC tools. These tools are cost-effective and can target audiences depending on demographics such as device, location, and language. You can experience immediate and consistent traffic by placing your ads in relevant places. You can reach more people, track results, and schedule your ads with these tools. A few useful PPC tools are:

    • OPTMYZR – All your PPC optimization and reporting work done in minutes.
    • Google Ads – Partner with Google to grow your business and get in front of customers.
    • MOAT – Get details about actionable marketing analytics.
    • SpyFu – Learn the secrets and get an edge over your competitors.
    • WordStream – A complete online advertising management solution to increase your ROI.
  3. Social Media Tools to Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

    Social media tools are closely associated with digital marketing. These tools help in reaching out to brands or people a business wants to interact with, manage multiple social pages, streamline team collaboration, and monitor relevant keywords. Also, with the assistance offered by these tools, you can schedule, re-post, and insert an image of any size to your SMM post. You can meet your social media management goals with these tools:

    • Hootsuite – A leading solution for organizing all your social media needs.
    • Tagboard – Experience the great content from the social networks you know and love.
    • Hashtagify – Make the most of hashtag marketing to reach a broader audience.
    • BuffeR – Drive meaningful engagement and grow your brand on social media.
    • Sprout Social – Understand your audience to build stronger connections.
  4. Automation Tools: Target Relevant Prospects and Increase Sales

    Automation tools gather data involving leads, campaign success, customers, sales, and more. Also, these tools help digital marketers to evaluate the productiveness of the existing and previous campaigns and predict the strategies that will perform better. Upon successful application of these tools, you can enjoy increased conversions, leads, and generate more revenue. These automation tools can boost the finesse of your marketing campaigns:

    • HubSpot – An all-in-one software for marketing, sales, and customer service.
    • AdRoll – AI-driven platform to understand shopper behavior and grow sales.
    • – Send targeted emails to drive subscriptions, and create stronger relationships.
    • SharpSpring – Drive more leads through marketing automation.
    • Mailchimp – A marketing platform to help you reach your goals faster.
  5. Video Marketing Tools to Better Engage Your Audience

    Consumers like videos than texts. If you can create attractive and appealing videos that explain your brand or business crisply and clearly, marketing and generating leads becomes easier. Earlier, people were spending a considerable sum of money and labor for creating branding videos. However, now, creating impactful marketing videos are easy and cost-effective with video marketing tools. A few video marketing tools that boost brand awareness and sales are:

    • VideoScribe – A cost-effective tool to help you create explainer videos.
    • Loom – Create instantly shareable videos to communicate effectively.
    • Lumen5 – Create engaging videos in minutes to tell your stories.
    • Camtasia – The best screen recording software to make high-quality videos.
  6. Graphic Designing Tools to Creatively Promote Your Brand

    Graphic designing tools help to convert a company’s thoughts and ideas into realistic revelations through informative content and visuals. A brief content associated with graphic design elements such as words, images, and symbols is an effective way to gain consumers’ attention and invoke direct consumer action. These tools help marketing experts to create their own images for influencing potential customers. Consider these graphic designing tools to create images for your blogs, websites, and more:

    • Canva – Create awesome designs with a whole lot of creative features.
    • Lunapic – Easy to use tool that helps you create amazing photos and images like professionals.
    • Adobe Photoshop – A set of intuitive tools to design and edit photos, videos, 3D artworks and more.
    • GIMP – A free image editing tool that perfectly fine-tunes your graphics.
  7. Content Marketing Tools for Better Leads and Increased Revenue

    Content marketing tools help digital marketers to manage the whole content marketing process accurately. With these tools, you can schedule content analysis, curation, and collaboration process and track and monitor the performance of your content. Also, these tools will help to find the topics you should write about, and the influencers in your niche. They will also guide you about the keywords you should include in your content, and measure the effectiveness of your content marketing campaigns. Here a few content marketing tools that help to create engaging content:

    • Hemingway App – An editing tool to make your writing bold and polished.
    • Grammarly – A writing tool to check your grammar, spelling, plagiarism, and more.
    • Calmly Writer – A professional text editor to help modern writers concentrate on writing.
    • Power Thesaurus – The most popular crowdsourced thesaurus for the best synonyms and antonyms.

These are just a few valuable digital marketing tools that will help you shine in the digital marketing space. However, you need to identify which of these work best with your company structure and will facilitate you to streamline your marketing efforts and goals.

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